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LauncherPro is a simple and versatile launcher for Android devices. Though it doesn't provide any particularly interesting features, it will add a bit of a retro touch to your phone or tablet.

With LauncherPro, you can have up to seven different desktop screens, create folders with opening and closing animations, create a panel of shortcuts through which you can scroll, and add tons of widgets.

Each time you press the start button on the phone, a window will ask you which desktop you want to see. In this way, everything is close at hand. This is especially useful for users who prefer having one desktop for games, another for communication applications, etc.

LauncherPro takes up very little space and doesn't use much energy. It's also very customizable and improves upon some aspects of the default Android launcher. It's true that this launcher is older, so it not only has a retro aesthetic but may be a bit outdated in a few other respects as well.

This application is no longer updated so it's possible that some elements may not work properly.


Requires Android 2.0 or higher

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